When Yoko Minemura was a young child growing up in Japan she wanted to dress in stylish fashionable dresses.  However, being a petit young girl, she knew could not fit into anything she desired so with a little help from her grandmother, she began sewing and making her own designs.  20 years later, that creative gumption now thrives in her own brand (named after her nickname), HOMAKO.

HOMAKO officially was founded in 2008, but Yoko had always been making and designing accessories for herself and friends since her days as a student in Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.  HOMAKO launched as a online webshop.  At a time when many designers were working with metals and precious stones, Yoko consciously moved towards lighter materials such as felt and fabric as the basis for her jewelry.  Soon boutiques worldwide were knocking on her door to wholesale here popular necklaces.  One of her dreams came true when Anthropologie approached her about selling her popular “Kuru-Maru” necklace in their shops.

In 2012, Yoko used HOMAKO to debut her first ever kid’s-line of accessories and hair clips.  Along with her business partner/husband, she travels from city to city meeting her customers at craft fairs and trade shows.  HOMAKO continues to grow, flourish, and evolve despite everything still being 100% handmade in Yoko’s tiny office studio in Los Angeles, California.

HOMAKOは、峯村 誉子(ようこ)による、布やフェルトなど軽い素材を使ったロサンゼルスを拠点にしたジュエリーブランドです。


Please feel free to contact me at:  info {at} homako {dot } net